Meet The Team


Manager/ Art Director  



I’ve been working at revive since 2012, before revive I trained at Philips academy where I completed my level 2 and 3 in hair and barbouring. From working at revive I moved up to become an art director and I’ve been in this sector now for two years. I’m still one of the girls, I love my job and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My clients are amazing and I love pushing myself forward to become the best that I know I can be. I specialise in colour, cuts, extensions and making my customers feel beautiful.  


 Salon director



I’ve been styling and colouring hair for almost nine years now, which has given me the confidence and knowledge to become a salon director. In this space of time I have completed numerous courses, my level 2 and 3 in hairdressing, extensions as well as a balayage course at Andrew Bartons and my assessor course. I personally love my job because of the artistic nature behind hairdressing. I adore colouring and styling hair, I also love the happiness I can bring to my customers life’s by guiding them to new looks and trends which will make them feel more confident and gorgeous.


Assistant Manager/ Style Director 



I started my career in hairdressing at Philips Hair Academy and went on to study advanced hairdressing at level 3. I then completed my assessors qualification, balayage at Andrew Barton, London, and I am about to finish my teaching degree. I currently enjoy tutoring and my goal is to improve other stylist’s abilities and teach them the important factors of hairdressing. I’m an adventurous hairdresser that specialises in colour and creative notes. I love meeting new people, creating solid relationships with my clients and improving my knowledge to maintain and transform hairstyles, using new and interesting techniques for all ages. 


Senior stylist


I started my career in hairdressing through Philips hair academy, where I achieved NVQ levels 1,2 and 3 in ladies hairdressing and also gents barbering levels 1 and 2. Throughout this time I developed a passion simply for making people feel good about themselves.  I have always loved that you never know what's going to be asked of you, and you're always faced with opportunities to really challenge yourself and do something different.


Manager of the beauty department



This journey started whilst I was at college figuring out what course to take at university. I had a change of thought and realised university at the time wasn’t for me. I took upon the opportunity to peruse a career in the beauty industry instead. Eight years on at revive, I have excelled and completed courses in beauty at level 2 and 3, I’m qualified in holistic therapy, level 2 in hairdressing, HD stylist, trainer in hair removal and also a trainer for beauty apprentices. I started off small and I’m now at a stage in my career where I haven’t looked back at going to University. My aim is to help my clients relax and enjoy there time as much as i do working at Revive.


Senior Beauty therapist, Assistant manager 



 I’m a level 3 qualified beauty therapist that has been working at revive for over three years. I specialise in cupping, threading, facials, skin peel, massages etc. I’m a perfectionist whom takes great care towards my clients. My goal is to make my clients feeling amazing, beautiful, relaxed and happy with the treatments.

I love my job and the people I work with which is why I wouldn’t have it any other way.


 Senior hair stylist and make up artist



Beauty isn't just my business but my passion.

 I was welcomed at revive over three years ago and since then I have completed my level 2 and Level 3 in hairdressing. I then decided to further my skills in the beauty department where I completed a course in becoming a HD brow specialist and Make up artist. I love to make my customers feel beautiful for special occasions and it is my goal to ensure you are thrilled with the results.


Beauty Therapist


 After completing a beauty course at college and being rewarded at level 2 and 3 as a fully qualified beautician, I decided to move into the spa industry. I left my old job to work at revive and I’ve been working here now for over two years. I’m really passionate about taking my customers aches and pains away, which is why I specialise in deep tissue massage, full body massage and the beauty side of waxing, nails, facials and lashes.

I love increasing my clients well being in order for them to feel loose and free again.


Level 3 Apprentice In Beauty, 



I have always received brilliant feedback towards my nail design skills that I performed on my friends and family. From this I knew I needed a change at college and decided that this industry would be great. I’m an apprentice in beauty at level 3, and I specialise in nail art, waxing, eye brows, facials, manicures, pedicures etc.

I love the creative side of beauty and how I can make someone happy on a daily basis.